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Praise for The Intelligent Optimist’s Guide to Life

“Every person in the world wants the same thing—to lead a happy, healthy, and fulfilling life. Yet most of us feel that ultimate goal is determined by external factors. In this fact-based, simple and pragmatic book, Jurriaan Kamp shifts all the power into our own hands by illustrating that our view of the world around us is a self-fulfilling prophecy.”

Bert Jacobs, Founder and CEO Life is Good

“Optimism is both the precondition and the precursor for individuals and organizations in making meaningful change, and Jurriaan Kamp does a wonderful job in reminding us just how powerful it can be.”

Walter Robb, Co-CEO Whole Foods Market

“More and more research confirms that optimism is a critical ingredient of longevity and a healthy lifestyle. Jurriaan Kamp’s book shows how you can improve your health through optimism.”

Andrew Weil, M.D.

“This book is like a good companion: it cheers you up.”

Ben Knapen, former State Secretary for Foreign Affairs, The Netherlands

“An inspired and inspiring guide to living with optimism in a world that is increasing jaded and pessimistic. Uplifting, rousing, and challenging us to dream the world into being in a positive and creative manner.”

Alberto Villoldo, bestselling author of Shaman, Healer, Sage

“Optimism is a mind-set; a lens through which to look at the world around us. It takes this mindset to be are able to adapt to the changes that technology and climate change will bring our way. It is more importantly also this mindset that will give us the resolve to not just let change happen; we are the master of our destiny and can shape a better world for all.”

Peter Bakker, president World Business Council for Sustainable Development

“Thoughtful and inspirational are two ingredients that are mixed into a perspective that helps us look at the world as an optimist. There are many ways to journey through life but the goal surely must be to live well.

A good read and one you will want to pass on! “

Arkadi Kuhlmann, founder & CEO ZenBanx 

“The world is full of opportunities for anyone wishing to see those. Media blur that vision and feed pessimism and depression. Optimism is in short supply. That should change and this book points the way.”

John Mackey, Founder and Co-CEO Whole Foods Market

“Pessimists beware! This little book has the power to turn your mind around and with it, your life! Rarely has the case for optimism been made with such precision and persuasion. The author has a genius for seeing deeply into the nature of our time and gives examples of how the world that seemingly isn’t working, actually is, and in a most elegant manner. To read this work is to cease giving credence to the whiny nay-sayers and instead to join the band of angels who carry a  passion for the possible, advance the solutions,  and engage in the creation of an emergent  positive, practical, and successful world. Above, all, it is fair to say that those  readers who embrace the optimists way will even stop boring God.”

Jean Houston, Ph.D, author, The Wizard of Us

“There’s no problem in this world without a potential solution. What’s too often lacking is the strategy to find these new solutions. That strategy is optimism–the desire to find the solution wherever it might be. It’s the vital force for innovation in business and society. This is your handbook to create and contribute your solutions. Read and implement it!”

Rinaldo Brutoco, entrepreneur and founding president World Business Academy. 

Other books by Jurriaan Kamp:

Because People Matter: Building an economy that works for everyone

Our economy is focused on growth and profit. In any given business, success is measured by the flow of money, not the interest of the people involved. In Because People Matter, Jurriaan Kamp tells us why there are better alternatives. Kamp argues that the world economy is not only based on money, but on human choices as well. It is those human choices that can promote the change necessary to transform our current crisis into a healthier economy that serves everyone. He offers insights on subjects such as a new method of dealing with national income; taxing the use of raw materials rather than income; a world trade based on reciprocity; money without interest; and the liability of shareholders and managers for negligence and environmental damage. Borrowing ideas from prominent economists, Kamp offers a coherent set of conditions for an economy in which it is the people that matter.

“A wonderful and concise handbook of how modern economic theory has dealt a body blow to the prospect of a humane world. Jurriaan Kamp also shows the vectors of change that can lead us away from being economic ciphers to a system that enlivens and redefines what it means to be a human being.” Paul Hawken, Environmentalist, entrepreneur and best-selling author of The Ecology of Commerce.

“A powerfully persusaive chronicle of why opposition to the current brand of globalization is certain to grow.” Jeff Gates, author of The Ownership Solution and Democracy at Risk.

Small Change: How Fifty Dollars Can Change the World

Help people help themselves: That’s the idea behind microcredit. Small loans-sometimes no more than $50-can radically improve the life of a poor family. Where development aid and billion-dollar loans fail, microcredit is emerging as the success story in the battle against world poverty. People who were previously considered “unbankable” no longer have to look to loan sharks for funding. With microcredit, they can become owners of small businesses. And it turns out they nearly always repay their loans on time. In many countries, professional organizations have become active in the field of microfinancing. To research this book, Kamp traveled to Kenya, Uganda, Bolivia and India to speak with the people who grant microcredit and those who receive it. Their stories make it clear that microcredit is a tremendous stimulus for economic and social development and, in particular, for people’s self-awareness.

Recommended for optimists:

Dead Poets Society (movie).

This movie with Robin Williams as the lead actor shows what education can be like.

Patch Adams (movie)

Robin Williams again, this time showing what health care really means in the true live story of Patch Adams.

Notting Hill (movie)

A feel good movie, should be staple for optimists looking for something to support their resilience in times of duress. British humor comes for free.

Wimbledon (movie)

Brits again, humor included. Why winning always remains a possibility.

Apollo 13 (movie)

Perhaps not the best known Tom Hanks movie, but clearly my favorite. The true story of a disaster avoided due to the beautiful team work of many talented people. Their is no better prescription that watching this movie every time the going gets rough.

La Vita e Bella (movie)

Beautiful Italian movie showing the power of optimism to preserve the life and destiny of a young Italian boy during World War II.

Three Simple Steps (book)

British entrepreneur Trevor Blake tells the story of how he discovered to turn his dreams into reality. An inspiring book because it’s not from an aspiring motivational teacher but from someone who “thought” himself out of poverty in the United Kingdom.